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Love it!

You can do so much!

Great app

Awesome app. Totally recommend it. Has awesome features that work flawlessly. Wonderful app whoever made it


One of my main apps that I look to create with on IOS

Beware of lack of Loyalty

The least they can do is give old customers a discount on upgrading but obviously they don't care enough and want everyone to pay our go piss off... So a good app though

Resized photos?

Enlight is my go-to editing app, but I'm finding that some of my photos are being resized, and I can't figure out why. It seems that any editing done in the actual Photos app results in a reduced-size photo being imported, but it's also been happening randomly with Portrait photos.

Please fix this bug

When I select the border now it has black line in the middle of screen too. I am not sure why ??? It used to be only the border lines.


Me encanta las herramientas es muy completa y facil de usar

What’s the problem??

I’ve had this app for several years and found it to be very useful. But now it will not load all! (Actually this problem has been an issue for some time but at least it worked on occasion). I just cannot afford any of the other apps by Lightricks. Am I now being forced to upgrade to one of them??

We payed, we deserve to get new features!

Since the app released we haven’t gotten a proper update containing some new good features we just got some kind of updates like fixing bugs, performance something like that but bought this app and we have the right to get at least some new features like you have it inside PhotoFox that doesn’t even worth to paying 70$ cuz it will be worthless in a little while...


I’ve been looking for an app like this for years and I finally found the perfect app for me. I purchased app today and I can’t stop using it. Every time I think I’m going to stop I find another feature. Thank you!!!


I feel like there’s no home button, please add one it’s so freaking difficult when there’s no HOME button in this app but it’s pretty good for a app

From a blast to crash!

I had rated this 5* in the past, fun if you took time to learn it, I had a blast altering photos etc... now it won't open after 2018 update. Crashes after last update. I paid for the then full version of Enlight. I've killed, rebooted & reinstalled & every time it crashes on loading....never gets fixed. Ugh! Fix it! The latest so called fix busted the fun this used to be...

I meant to rate it 4 -Stars but it’s set by default to 5!

Great app but I definitely see room for basic improvements. I’ve been unsuccessful attempting to change the font size of my text. I think it’s worth the initial purchase but the devs try to hook you into u locking more in-app subscriptions. I don’t like that. If I purchase an app, I’d really appreciate ALL of the tools instead of a paid trial basically.


I love it


Playing with app as I’m new to it. So much I can do I’m just scratching the surface. Easy to navigate as well. Love

Quick and Easy photo fix

I love the app. I’m able to fix my bad lighting photos very quickly and simply with app

Awesome app

Aweeeessssome app


Easy to use

The best graphic design app

It’s not hard to do work with.

Was favorite app

Now won’t save any edited photos. Will only save blanks

No longer opens in iOS 11.4.1 on ipad. Crashes every time.

No longer opens in iOS 11.4.1 on ipad. Crashes every time.

consistent app

only history and layering this app don't have.. i believe it's vital..

A great app

This is a great app and it is definitely worth the money!



Best photo-editing app, best app all around

Enlight is seriously the most useful app I’ve ever downloaded. It’s an incredibly powerful photo-editing app. If you’re used to working with professional softwares, this will be right up your alley -I’d say it’s like PS or Lightroom for your phone. If you’re not used to working with professional softwares, Enlight is perfect, too! Very easy to learn with the beautiful tutorials and super useful with various gestures to control your editing.

Stop making it worse on purpose

The images with text I’m making now are blurry garbage which is clearly a way to get people who still use this app to buy your cash grab of a new app photofox. The export quality is trash now for whatever reason. And if my claim is false and you aren’t making it worse on purpose, then fix it.

No MacBook App??

This app is so amazing! I absolutely love it but I’m so torn that they don’t have it for the MacBook! This app can totally replace the need for PS in my book. I love all of it. The only thing I’d ask for is to make a MacBook App and allow us to type in new words in the graffiti style fonts they have


This all is powerful af and is a great photo editor. Great tools, easy to use design, and cool filters. Wish there were more fonts and that you could start from a blank template (and be able to choose the size, etc). Overall this is a great app, would recommend to everyone.

Awesome app I recommend

This is so awesome and edits for all my instagram posts you should get 10/10

This app is perfect!!!

Thank you Enlight 5/5 thumbs up. :D



Needs Lossless Import

Bought this app because it said it supports lossless tiff files. Yes, it can save as a lossless tiff, but what is the point if compression artifacts appear when opening an image?

I love it but...... I’ll still give it a five!

I honestly love it. All that is wrong with it is that is just a bit hard to transfer the photos to your gallery. That’s all I’ll still give it a five! It’s honestly so cool. I like it a lot.


kinda bummed out i got an old version tbh like boy am i dumb or what

Love this app

This is my go to app for putting finishing touches on my art or correcting mistakes. This is a very versatile photo application. Love it.

The best!

As a photographer, this app is incredible. It’s like photoshop for your phone, and with each update it gets better and better!



Easy to use

I find this app easy to use. Still working on mastering blending photos.

love it. east to use than many of the other apps.

good results when printed!

One of the best photo apps.

Great app...

Where is ERASE?!

I used to love using this and making some really creative things by using my drawings and photos and maybe a couple of small pics from elsewhere…it still says to use “erase” to get rid of the parts of the things you have added that you don’t want. It doesn’t come up after “blending” and I only see it with things I don’t really use. SO, what do I use instead of erase? Another app perhaps?!

Easy to use, high quality app

The app has many techniques and options pretty easy to learn and use it, one more option that’s very useable is the text on your photo, you can easily put your signature on your own photos and make it your exclusive photos collections verses other apps or default photo editing, that the text option is really annoying to use, give it some time, it’s worth it.

Picture Perfect

Excellent on the phone Lightroom. I use it for the ease without the fumbling burden to get through work. 5 stars at its best shine!

Bait and switch

I bought this app for $3.99 just now and haven’t even used it yet, and first thing I notice is an “upgrade” link in the menu, which leads to Photofox, another photo editor you guys made with a subscription. I can’t pay money for a complete app now, without having the buy a subscription to another app? I’m asking iTunes support for a refund.


i liked

Great app.

I’m learning the app. Once you get used to it it’s a must have.


5 stars

Best PhotoEdit App!!

This is an outstanding editing app! I love the different things you can do! So many different things all in one app! The tutorials are very helpful! I enjoy how you can take a picture to edit and you are able to share on the app.(that goes with saving the edited pic as well.) I think the best part is that once you pay for the app you don’t have to pay anymore!! Everything you need to edit is already ready for you to use once you get the app! And there are no adds because it’s not free! But don’t say no to this app because it’s not free. It’s an amazing app! I love everything about it! If you want to get a cool editing app this app is so you!! I definitely recommend this app!!-to all!!


Been Using for over a year ❤️❤️ Love it


How do I get a refund...? I’ve had the app for about 20 minutes and decided I don’t like it and would like my $4 back... is there any way to do this?

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