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Love it!

You can do so much!

This app is perfect!!!

Thank you Enlight 5/5 thumbs up. :D



Needs Lossless Import

Bought this app because it said it supports lossless tiff files. Yes, it can save as a lossless tiff, but what is the point if compression artifacts appear when opening an image?

I love it but...... I’ll still give it a five!

I honestly love it. All that is wrong with it is that is just a bit hard to transfer the photos to your gallery. That’s all I’ll still give it a five! It’s honestly so cool. I like it a lot.


kinda bummed out i got an old version tbh like boy am i dumb or what

Love this app

This is my go to app for putting finishing touches on my art or correcting mistakes. This is a very versatile photo application. Love it.

The best!

As a photographer, this app is incredible. It’s like photoshop for your phone, and with each update it gets better and better!



Easy to use

I find this app easy to use. Still working on mastering blending photos.

love it. east to use than many of the other apps.

good results when printed!

One of the best photo apps.

Great app...

Where is ERASE?!

I used to love using this and making some really creative things by using my drawings and photos and maybe a couple of small pics from elsewhere…it still says to use “erase” to get rid of the parts of the things you have added that you don’t want. It doesn’t come up after “blending” and I only see it with things I don’t really use. SO, what do I use instead of erase? Another app perhaps?!

Easy to use, high quality app

The app has many techniques and options pretty easy to learn and use it, one more option that’s very useable is the text on your photo, you can easily put your signature on your own photos and make it your exclusive photos collections verses other apps or default photo editing, that the text option is really annoying to use, give it some time, it’s worth it.

Picture Perfect

Excellent on the phone Lightroom. I use it for the ease without the fumbling burden to get through work. 5 stars at its best shine!

Bait and switch

I bought this app for $3.99 just now and haven’t even used it yet, and first thing I notice is an “upgrade” link in the menu, which leads to Photofox, another photo editor you guys made with a subscription. I can’t pay money for a complete app now, without having the buy a subscription to another app? I’m asking iTunes support for a refund.


i liked

Great app.

I’m learning the app. Once you get used to it it’s a must have.


5 stars

Best PhotoEdit App!!

This is an outstanding editing app! I love the different things you can do! So many different things all in one app! The tutorials are very helpful! I enjoy how you can take a picture to edit and you are able to share on the app.(that goes with saving the edited pic as well.) I think the best part is that once you pay for the app you don’t have to pay anymore!! Everything you need to edit is already ready for you to use once you get the app! And there are no adds because it’s not free! But don’t say no to this app because it’s not free. It’s an amazing app! I love everything about it! If you want to get a cool editing app this app is so you!! I definitely recommend this app!!-to all!!


Been Using for over a year ❤️❤️ Love it


How do I get a refund...? I’ve had the app for about 20 minutes and decided I don’t like it and would like my $4 back... is there any way to do this?


I definitely do not like this app. Before you download it they make it look so easy but when you finally go to use it you can’t unless you know exactly what your doing. I don’t know what I’m doing so I would love a refund and my money back


It’s amazing! I do editing every day! It’s really addictive! TRY IT!

Best photo editor

This one is seriously one of most easy and effective photo editors I’ve used in iOS. Big thumb upppp!!!

Still my favorite photo editor

I literally adore this app. Once you learn the gestural controls editing photos to perfection is quick and easy. I honestly find myself upset when I use other photo editors because I know that Enlight exists and is so much easier to use. Highly recommend. 11/10

Love it

Best app ever!!!

Beyond awesome !!

This is the app I use to do some crazy creative stuff. It’s fun and super easy to use !

Greatest Photo App Out

I love Everything About app Does not disappoint can’t wait for desktop version will buy

My favorite photo editor

It’s easy, and gets the job done. I send any pictures from my computer or phone to this app, and I get the job done within minutes. It would be nice to have a resizing feature too! Just a thought! : )

Gets the job done!

If you all (the creators of the app) could incorporate video editing within the app, that would be AMAZING!

Love it!

Very easy to use. The controls are great. This one is a winner!!!😃

Great product!

This app is so awesome, so many cool features to use, very advanced but still super user friendly.

Not full functions, requires upgrade $$

I just downloaded this now it wants me to upgrade for access to all features at additional cost. Now I want to return the original for a refund.

Wish I Had More Time

I don’t know anything about editing photos but I really like what you can do with this app. I’ve only done a couple of photos so far but it really makes me wish that I had more time to learn how to use all of the effects.


Easy navigation, simplistic...love it

Love Enlight

This is by far the best photo editing app!

Really Dig’n this

Instantly Fabulous!


Starting using your apps again. But I am having problems saving to my gallery. The buttons don’t seem to work. I click on them multiple times and nothing happens. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Larry Will change the ratings and reviews once we figure out the problem. Using iPhone 8+ and latest iOS version.

Camera is enhanced...I don't know how they do it!

Give it a try!!!


This app is better than photoshop. I am so impressed!

This is the most amazing app on my phone!!! I love it!

This is a must have app! It is easy to use! It takes your pictures from just ok to awesome! My only issue is not enough time to explore everything it can do. If I could only have one photo app on my phone, this would be the one!

Easy to use yet powerful

I just got this app but so far am loving it! Has a ton of features and is user friendly. The only thing missing is that you can’t, or at least I haven’t figured it out yet, overlay pictures. Like a logo for example. Or side by side pictures. Otherwise love it.

I had this app since day 1 & now charges?


Too awesome for words

Just get this app, it’s hands down the most creative photo editing app in the App Store. In my opinion of corse ;) it does so much and is very simple to use. It has so many different effects and filters allowing you to really create some fantastic pieces of photo art. So just get it already, in the time it’s taken you to read this you could have already, created photo art of your own and posted it on y9ur favorite social media site, right from the app. So what are you waiting for? Get to it!

No Other Option

By far the best iPhone editing app you can purchase. I use it for everything from light touch ups to multi-layered, extremely dense and technical edits. Very easy to use and I love the tutorials. Worth every penny.

My favorite photo editing app of all time

This app is perfect for all levels of photo editing!

Art your pictures

Edit as normal, and then select your picture from this app. Trying a variety of styles, saving the ones you like as you go along. Then review your choices, pick and perhaps edit again your favorite, and share your product. This is a chance to find art among your pictures!


Better than Photoshop express on the iPad


Okay, so I’ve had Enlight for a year or two, but upon using it today, everything seemed super pixelated. Nothing would be not-pixels. I used the ‘mixer’ tool a lot and my pictures just turned into a big blur of pixels. Is it supposed to be like that? If so, I might need to find another app for that...

Being an artist

This is really fun and good entertainment

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