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Love it!

You can do so much!

Camera is enhanced...I don't know how they do it!

Give it a try!!!


This app is better than photoshop. I am so impressed!

This is the most amazing app on my phone!!! I love it!

This is a must have app! It is easy to use! It takes your pictures from just ok to awesome! My only issue is not enough time to explore everything it can do. If I could only have one photo app on my phone, this would be the one!

Easy to use yet powerful

I just got this app but so far am loving it! Has a ton of features and is user friendly. The only thing missing is that you can’t, or at least I haven’t figured it out yet, overlay pictures. Like a logo for example. Or side by side pictures. Otherwise love it.

I had this app since day 1 & now charges?


Too awesome for words

Just get this app, it’s hands down the most creative photo editing app in the App Store. In my opinion of corse ;) it does so much and is very simple to use. It has so many different effects and filters allowing you to really create some fantastic pieces of photo art. So just get it already, in the time it’s taken you to read this you could have already, created photo art of your own and posted it on y9ur favorite social media site, right from the app. So what are you waiting for? Get to it!

No Other Option

By far the best iPhone editing app you can purchase. I use it for everything from light touch ups to multi-layered, extremely dense and technical edits. Very easy to use and I love the tutorials. Worth every penny.

My favorite photo editing app of all time

This app is perfect for all levels of photo editing!

Art your pictures

Edit as normal, and then select your picture from this app. Trying a variety of styles, saving the ones you like as you go along. Then review your choices, pick and perhaps edit again your favorite, and share your product. This is a chance to find art among your pictures!


Better than Photoshop express on the iPad


Okay, so I’ve had Enlight for a year or two, but upon using it today, everything seemed super pixelated. Nothing would be not-pixels. I used the ‘mixer’ tool a lot and my pictures just turned into a big blur of pixels. Is it supposed to be like that? If so, I might need to find another app for that...

Being an artist

This is really fun and good entertainment

Incredible app

This is a fantastic app, very useful

My Favorite App!!

Hands down my favorite photo app! I use this for all my photos. So easy to use.


Why would you add more filters and effects and features to the free version then the paid one. Waste of money just get the free version add more features to this app superimpose is way better and worth the money

Beautiful—or would be.

I personally love Enlight. It’s got so many features, and so many possible applications. There’s just one thing though. Whenever I import a photo, it’s immediately pixelated, but when I move it/position it, it clears up again, then pixelates again. This has completely screwed up a few of my projects and I’ve had to resort to a few different apps to do my photo editing. I think there’s so much you could do to improve this app; and so much you did well. Remember: Just because it works, doesn’t mean it cannot be improved.


Truly an amazing app!

Love this app!

This app is easy to use. I also like that you still keep the original photo along with the one you changed.

Great App

This app is awesome

5 out of 5

Amazing app has everything you need to edit a picture

Brutal app

Awesome, ten stars!!

So well done, it’s the new way to enhance photos

This app lets me apply a wide range of gradient filters! This developer has the best photo editing apps! I recommend every one of them!


There is unlimited potential to add your own style to a photo.


One of the best apps ever 💙


Even an old man can figure this out.

Please make an android version I beg you!

So I switched to a google pixel 2 and I miss using your app to make all my memes & glorious edits. DEVS PLEASE if you make it open source I’ll even try to help! I really love your app!



Love this app!

This is my go-to photo editing app. It’s my favorite tool for my Instagram gallery.

So awesome! Thank you.

Even the free version is fantastic! I can only imagine how much better he paid version will be when I buy it soon...for sure 📸🌎🌍🌏📸


It’s amazing all that this app can do, and it’s so intuitive to use. They also make it even easier by showing plenty of mini tutorials as you attempt things. And it’s free!

Worth every penny

I deleted all of my photo apps after I purchased this app. I get a lot of compliments on my pictures as a result. I highly recommend it

Excellent Editing App But

I purchased this app for five bucks a while back and it’s been the only one I’ve ever been willing to spend five bucks on. But then another one comes out, and another for video, both are subscription apps from what I can tell when they could have been added to an update for this app . Or offer them at a flat rate such as this one, at least the video app at 4.99 would be worth paying for again, mayyybe. Otherwise it’s still a great app for those who don’t want to subscribe and still get a great photo editing app with a lot of fun features. Learning everything can take time but between the tutorials in the app or online (YouTube) it’s a little easier to figure out. Keep up the good work and try to get other one time pay to use apps out there 🙃


A super app , i loved it . Thanks

love it!!!

I love photography and finally found a great photo editor! I love this app, and love the photos I make with it. it's truly magical.



Enlight since iPhone 6S to iPhone X ❤️

I have purchased Enlight since the iPhone 6S come out and its been a blast. Like Really, editing on this app is so seamless and satisfying , and i literally edited every photo i’ve taken for the past 2-3 years using enlight. Believe me Don’t bother it , Just purchase this app and feel the bliss

Best Creative App

I love Enlight. I use it a lot for combining multiple images. It is much easier than Photoshop. Whatever your mind can conceive, there is a way to make it happen with Enlight. If it was also available for Mac computers it would be perfect.

Love this app! So much fun!

Able to create beautiful pictures! Lots of fun!



Great App

Love this app. Thank you. I use it every day!

Enlight app

An excellent piece of app; easy and powerful at the finger tip!

Love this App!

I use it all the time! Very easy to use and everyone loves what I do with it! 5 Stars!



Not user friendly

I was expecting more from this app. I am not able to make GIFS or JPEG as the stated in the upgrade. Wish I would have kept my $4 and just used the Free app, there is NO difference and it isn’t user friendly or maybe it isn’t for a novice?

Deserves the 5 stars.

This app is brilliant, it combines everything you need to have the perfect image. You can photoshop, make a picture look like a drawing, or painting or just make abstract stuff like I do.

Awesome App!!!

Would recommend this 100 times over!!!

Love this app

5 stars

It's a great app NO ADS

It lets you learn about new stuff and lets u edit/add to ANY photos


I think Enlight is a really great app for editing pictures or even drawing, and if you buy it, you will not be disappointed!

Disabled livestreamer who has multiple awards in media/academics

This has been so helpful to myself and others with cast and crew, especially after the neurological trauma that I suffered during a severe car wreck. It's been helpful to military, to mental health professionals, to artists and musicians because we've combined it with other apps to create a fluid but stable workflow. The icon for it is clear enough to sort and the layout on the side are legible and productive even for those of us who have vision issues.

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